Frequently Asked Questions

Saturday 16th March / Opening night      04:00pm – 11:00pm
Sunday 17th March:                                          11:00am –   10:00pm
Monday 18th March:                                        11:00am –  10:00pm
Tuesday 19th March:                                       11:00am –  10:00pm
Wednesday 20th March:                               11:00am –  10:00pm
Thursday 21st March:                                       11:00am –  12:00am
Friday 22nd March:                                           11:00am –  12:00am
Saturday 23rd March:                                      11:00am –  10:00pm
Sunday 24th March / Closing                       11:00am –  10:00pm

Please note that not all workshops require pre-registration online. Pre-registration is only
required for workshops indicated accordingly, and all others are on a “first come first
served” basis.
For workshops requiring pre-registration, please choose your preferred selection and
complete all required details (your name, email and telephone). Once your completed form
is submitted you will receive a confirmation email. A reminder email will also be sent the
day prior to your selected workshop.
Please note that workshops have limited capacity and we encourage you to reserve your
space. Register your interest in the morning before you head to the fair or a day in advance!
Alternatively, once you are in Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, you can also register in
our Information Booth in Sikka Live courtyard (listen to the music and you’ll find it!).
Parents and/or teachers, feel free to register for your kids!

Yes, there is. This is to make sure each participant will enjoy the topic well.
However, it is the workshop facilitator’s discretion to accept a participant that does not fit
the age requirement. Don’t worry, our selection makes sure anyone and everyone can

We want to make sure everyone enjoys the fair. We put a limit on each workshop, due to
several factors: no. of seats available, duration of the workshop, materials available, etc.

Please check your Spam folder if that’s the case.
All registered participants will receive a copy of their registration submission

The workshop schedule was created to give everyone an organized and enjoyable
experience. We want you to maximize the time in the fair! However, it is still the facilitator’s
discretion to allow walk-ins, but this is not guaranteed. Book early!

99% of our workshops are free! If there is a fee indicated, please pay it directly to the
host/initiative/facilitator of the workshop.

Arrive 10-15 minutes before your workshop starts and patiently wait until the previous
workshop in that location has wrapped up.
Take photos and share it on social media with the hashtags:
#Sikka19 and #DxbArtSeason19
Have fun and make new friends! Sikka Art Fair is a community event so make sure you can
also connect to like-minded individuals to better enjoy the art season!

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